Civil Technology

A coveted little house, people have been trying their best to decorate it as beautifully as possible since time immemorial. Global skyscrapers are being built, millions and millions of dollars are being spent on construction, but it does not seem to satisfy the people. The Taj Mahal in Agra still lingers in people's minds as one of the world's most stunning architectural masterpieces. Communication infrastructure, housing infrastructure, the strategies that people have invented to build a planned city, these strategists are today considered as civil engineers. Civil Engineers do all the work including planning, estimating, designing, building, road, bridge, culvert, dam, water works, sewerage works, plumbing, material testing, soil testing, hydrological works, surveying etc. In addition, the field level works are supervised for implementation, quality control of work, cost calculation, consultation and control of construction workers, etc. He was initially appointed as Sub-Assistant Engineer (in some cases Assistant Engineer) in government-semi-government and non-government organizations including Public Works Department, Roads and Highways Department, Water Development Board, Power Development Board, LGED, Facilities, Railways. There are a wide range of jobs for civil engineering diploma graduates in the construction business. Diploma in Civil Engineering has a huge field of work in many countries of the world, including the Middle East and the Middle East. Main subjects: Civil Engineering, Drawing, Estimating, Civil Engineering Materials and Material Testing, Soil Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Theory and Design of Structures, Hydraulics, Highways and Railways. Civil engineering education can be taken as a challenge to build a prosperous life.

Civil Technology Labs:

1. Construction shop

2. Plumbing shop

3. Material testing lab

4. Soil Mechanics Lab

5. Survey Lab

6. Woodshop