Electrical Technology

Electricity is considered as the main source of energy in modern civilization. Electrical energy is controlling today's development and civilization all over the world in the evolution of the present civilization. The current civilization is obsolete without electronics equipment. Diploma in Electrical Engineering graduates work in the production, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, including power generation, transmission and distribution, and in the electrical fields. Electrical Engineering Diploma in Government, Semi-Government and Non-Governmental Institutions including Sub-Assistant Engineer, Primary Engineer in Primary, Government and Private Institutions Are employed. There are a wide range of jobs for electrical engineers in Bangladesh at the private level. In addition, there is a high demand for electrical engineering diploma graduates in other countries of the world including the Middle East, Japan, Korea, Singapore. The main subjects in this technology are: Basic Electricity, Electrical Planning and Acquisition, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Machines, Switch Gears and Protective Devices, Encryption and Distribution. Electrical engineering can be taken as a good medium for building challenging lives.

Electrical category:

1. Electrical Machine Shop

2. Electrical Wiring Lab

3. Electronics Lab

4. Computer lab