Power Technology

Power technology

Power Technology is one of the four technologies currently being taught at Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute. While studying this technology, a student will be provided with (a) Automobile Engine and Power Transmission System and Body Building (b) Steam Generation (Boiler), Steam Engine and Steam Turbine, (c) Pumps, Hydronics Machinery, Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics ( , Transmission and Distribution, (e) Lifting Tackles, Hysteres and Mechanical Machine Tools. After passing Diploma in Engineering from Power Technology, there are ample opportunities for self-employment in government, semi-government, autonomous organizations, private organizations, NGOs in addition to being employed as Deputy Assistant Engineers, especially Assistant Engineers. Notable among the organizations which have employment opportunities are: Junior Instructor in Polytechnic Institute and Deputy Assistant Engineer in the second category with the post of Public Works Department, Roads and Highways Department, Housing and Settlement, Power Development Board, Water Development Board, Food and Sugar Industries Corp. Chemical Industries Corporation, Steel and Engineering Corporation, BADC, Rural Electrification Board, Palli Bidyut Samiti, T&T Department etc.

Due to the preparation of Power Technology syllabus combining different subjects of Electrical Technology and Mechanical Technology, the students of this department become proficient in both Electrical and Mechanical Technology. Graduates from this technology are contributing to building a strong national economic base by earning a lot of foreign exchange by working abroad with great skill and reputation.

Power Division

1. Autodiesel shop

2. Power Generation Shop

3. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Shop

4. Hydraulics Lab

5. Steam Engine Lab